The Game Show

The Game Show

It part game show; part morning show; part Las Vegas review.

The Game Show… Fun not sold separately.


You’ve got to get in on the fun, And you’ve got to get in on the prizes. Email now!

Jamie Flanagan and Brian Donovan bring to the airwaves the best radio games know to man. Along with their rotating guest comics and other guest comics the show is archived to hear some fun clips from the great time we had making this. (We can always be bribed into starting the show back up).

Remember it’s not about the prizes; it’s all about the fun.

Listen to clip 1
Listen to clip 2
Listen to clip 3

Thanks to the people, guests, and comics that have helped build “The Game Show”.

  • Mark Knope
  • PJ Butland
  • Mike Dwyer
  • Admiral Jason Bielicki
  • Pat Akerley (guest Host)
  • Jessie James Lundy
  • Don Peterson (the Harvard Comic)
  • Gibbon the Troubadour

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Here are the old Advertising ideas:

“The Game Show” Prize sponsorship…
“The Game Show”, it’s not about the prizes, it’s all about the fun! Although the prizes are what listeners are playing for. Sponsorship of “The Game Show” can take several forms. We would be happy to promote Your business or service in trade for gift certificates that we can send to our listeners/winners. Your business will be mentioned in the body of the show as what the listeners are playing for and your business will also be featured in 30-second promos that run promoting the show.

“The Game Show” On the Road….
You can have “The Game Show” as an event at your establishment. Brian, Jamie, a guest comic, and the entire crew will broadcast live from your place of business. . They will play the best radio games know to man live with your patrons. They will give away, on the spot, prizes, gifts, and cash to your eager and soon to be very happy patrons. Our stand up comic will warm up the crowd before the show and the whole crew will stick around and play more game exclusively, for your patrons only, after the show, inviting the listeners to drive over and join the fun of “The Game Show On the Road,” Live at your establishment. “The Game Show” fun not sold separately.

“The Game Show” Listening Stations…
The Listening Stations are plugged live on the show as we call in to your place of business and play some of the best radio games know to man live on the air with your patrons. “Game Show” coffee mugs will be on hand to distribute to winners on the spot. Become a “Game Show Listening Station” today.